Now Offering Delicious Sushi and New Entrees!

Come taste our delicious and fresh sushi! Our talented chefs use only the best ingredients to create a variety of classic and unique rolls.
*Sushi Unavailable 3pm - 5pm Daily

Quality Ramen

Real Japanese quality Ramen. Enjoy the home-made noodles too!

Original Gyoza

Original recipe gyoza freshly wrapped everyday at our kitchen!


We welcome our customers with heart of hospitality - Omotenashi in Japanese.

About Us

From Simply Ramen and Gyoza
We are so thrilled to expand our business from Simply PHO HOUSE to Simply Ramen & Gyoza, new concept as well as new challenge for our team. However, we would like to offer best fresh ramen in this area, also our daily home made gyoza delivered to your tables in our restaurant or at your homes. Thank you for supporting our local and family owned business since 2014.

Simply Team!!!

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